Master’s Degree in Mobile Applications and Games

Nowadays mobile devices are all around us. They have opened the door to new business models, innovative educational strategies, novel applications in fields such as health and welfare, successful communication strategies and ground-breaking transmedia narratives. It is increasingly common to speak of “serious games” and “simulation games”, since mobile device game development has given rise to successful applications in fields as diverse as education, healthcare, advertising, communication and business, seeing the emergence of combined fields such as mHealth, edutainment, advergaming and so on, offering users exciting new kinds of social interaction.

The University of Vic – Central University of Catalonia offers this programme to provide professionals with an integrated vision of all aspects of the creative process of mobile apps and games, particularly for serious uses.

The master’s degree has a multidisciplinary approach and, therefore, is suitable for participants from a wide variety of backgrounds who are interested in mobile application development.



Start date

October, 2016


University of Vic


Faculty of Science and Technology